Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Freeport Ship Services is committed to upholding ethical standards in all its activities. It is the policy of this Company to comply with all applicable laws, including, without limitation, employment, discrimination, health, safety, and environmental laws and all employees of Freeport Ship Services are expected to perform their work with honesty, objectivity, truthfulness and integrity.

As part of our commitment to ethical standards both for ourselves and on behalf of our clients, each employee of Freeport Ship Services is responsible for compliance with our Code of Conduct.

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TRACE Certification

TRACE has successfully completed a TRACEcertification due diligence review of FREEPORT SHIP SERVICES LIMITED. TRACE has issued FREEPORT SHIP SERVICES LIMITED a certificate signifying that the company has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process. TRACEcertification underscores FREEPORT SHIP SERVICES LIMITED’s commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions

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