Dry-Dock Logistics

We understand the fact that virtually all vessel operations are extremely sensitive to timing, and this becomes much more profound when the vessel is in dry dock, which means it is not producing any income for the owners. Over the passage of time, Freeport Ship Services has grown accustomed to the pressure that this brings, and has achieved a commendable reputation for completing projects on time.


Compared to numerous other ship and logistics agencies within Grand Bahama, we have invested considerable time, effort and money in the right technology, the right equipment and most importantly, the right people for the job. This allows us to gain precedence on the tasks at hand. Here are some of the factors that set us apart from the other service providers out there:


  • We have a dedicated field and administrative logistics team that are assigned with the job of providing advice to clients on all of the different aspects of the imports/exports as well as the whole delivery process involved. They also provide information regarding tracking of the shipment from the origin to delivery, as well as solving problems on-board, before, during or after the project;

  • We have a separate Customs Brokerage Department with full-time licensed customs brokers, along with a fully equipped support staff;

  • A separate trucking department, with a full-time trucking manager, full-time drivers as well as a fleet of trucks and a full array of

    intermodal equipment;

  • A separate administrative and Field Operations team that is dedicated to providing assistance as well as advice to help with all aspects of

    Port Operations, from pre-arrival to departure as well as the provision of resources to satisfy all crew/husbandry requirements;

  • A highly qualified and fleshed out accounting and administrative staff, including a certified accountant who works in the capacity of a

    Financial Controller to make sure that all billing is done in a proper, transparent and timely manner;

  • For airfreight cargo, we have a fully staffed airport cargo facility;

  • A separate facility at the Grand Bahama Shipyard to help with managing any spares or material in the yard;

  • All the required Bahamas Customs Bonds, in good standing and in place;

  • Highly positive relations with the authorities of the Bahamas Government, including the Bahamas Immigration and Customs Department

  • Top of the line relationships with the management and staff of Grand Bahama Shipyard as well as the Freeport Harbour and Container

    Port Authorities;

  • Excellent relations with local service providers along with prompt and timely settlement of all bills outstanding on our behalf or our clients.