Port Agency & Husbandry

A smooth and efficient port turnaround is a critical component of a profitable ship operation. This is true regardless of ship type and whether a call is a routine visit or a special call where particular support services are needed.


At Freeport Ship Services, we recognize the significance of smooth port operations, and while we value efficiency and cost- effectiveness very highly, we also understand the need for specialized services, which are required by our many customers. Being one of the largest ship and logistics agencies in Grand Bahama, we provide a vast array of different services to our clients based upon their requirements. Freeport Ship Services provides a complete set of agency services to a number of different types of commercial vessels, including cruise ships and oil tankers, which trade actively on the seas, or those in dry dock.


Our Port Agency services on the island of Grand Bahama are regarded as one of the finest within the area. With Freeport Harbour quickly becoming a major port of call for vessels in the area, and consideration to the ongoing expansion of the Freeport Container Port (a Hutchison Whampoa Company), Buckeye Bahamas Hub as well as the Grand Bahama Shipyard, the Lucayan Harbour is an extremely busy and active commercial harbour, and Freeport Ship Services provides seamless port operations to these and numerous different companies.


Because of its close proximity to the United States, as well as the deep entrance channel that allows larger vessels to enter in to the harbour with ease, not to mention the rapid construction that is ongoing at the harbour, the importance and significance of the Lucayan Harbour is rapidly on the rise, and Freeport Ship Services is the ideal ship and logistics agency within the region to help your company succeed and achieve efficiency in your Port needs in Freeport.